Feb 18, 2006

Arabs Demonstrations

Bird flu and the world peace...

It seems that no peace birds will be allowed worldwide any more, because they might carrying the H5N1 strain of bird flu, and may be this is the reason why the world went crazy in the last couple of years. Let us hope that the American democracy eagle is not infected too.

Feb 16, 2006

Feb 14, 2006

Feb 9, 2006

Feb 8, 2006

Feb 5, 2006

21st Century Witch Hunting!

I read today in the news papers about Arresting of two head editors of two major newspapers in an arabic country after republishing the Danish cartoons in their newspapers, and they have been described in the newspaper’s first page as “devils” and they are “harmful characters in the society”-Just like the witches in the middle ages were treated. Also these two editors have been suspended from their jobs and their journalist authorization has been cancelled (any way they will not need it in jail)… it is not a matter of publishing free rights, it is more or less a matter of human rights… really I am wondering if we are still living in the middle ages… because if this is the case; I would like to go WITCH hunting.

What to demonstrate for?????

What I don’t understand that Arab Muslims didn’t make a move or demonstrate against major events that affect the Islamic nation like the war on Iraq, and the Palestinian Case and their Muslim brothers who are dying every day, but they were demonstrating and burning buildings since few days because of cartoons talking about their prophet who died since 1400 years!!!!!!.

Feb 4, 2006

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Cartoon is a noble art...

This page is against all the people who believes that they are above the Others' Opinions, and the cartoon was one of the most important ways to reflect an opinion in indirect ways. Taking in consideration that ancient human started to draw much more earlier before he can write.

What makes this matter important is the present case of the Arabs and the European cartoonists, and what is happening is against the freedom of publishing.

So if any one intresting in this matter, Please support in any possible way, becasue it would be ugly to know that the cartoon you see in your morning newspaper is drawen under specific limitations and red lines that the cartoonist has to follow.

Episode 1 : How it get started ??????

Feb 3, 2006